Feb 24th 2017: New program updates available

April 14th 2016: Flightseeing with FSXPilot PRO: video tutorial published on YouTube

April 14th 2016: FSXPilot and the Gliders - All (four) relevant video tutorials published on YouTube

April 7th 2016: How to use the FSXPilot Android App published on YouTube

Februrary 25th 2016 Take a sneak Youtube preview on FSXPilot PRO's View system here

February 25th 2016 Youtube video "FSXPilot - the MAN button" is published. 

February 21th 2016 FSXPilot V 2.4 is published. 

October 22th 2015 New YouTube video "GPS hover in a thunderstorm" is available.  Watch now   +++++++++++++

October 20th 2015 New YouTube video "GPS hover" is available.  Watch now   +++++++++++++

October 18th 2015   FSXPilot Version 2.2 is available.   +++++++++++++

August 1st 2015   New 2.0  videos available on YouTube ! ++++++  watch them now

April  26 2015   New FSXPilot videos available on YouTube ! ++++++  click here for the first one in the playlist

Jan 28 2014     FSXPilot V 1.2  for Android available on Google Play   +++++++++++++




New program update  !

Today on Feb 24th 2017 a new update was published for the shareware and the PRO version. BETTER THEN EVER. FSXPilot can now fly radials TO and FROM NAV targets. In addition, we added the ability to follow airways. Simply type (in the area of Munich, EDDM) "fly awy T702 BADIT" into the command input box to make FSXPilot turn the plane into the nearest waypoint of the T702 airway, then follow the airway until BADIT. From here, FSXPilot will remain on present heading. 

Thanks, Zack, for your input !

In PRO version, the users received another additional bonus: Just use the mouse wheel on the EFIS window to quickly zoom in and out the FSX view (f.e. close instrument view). Pressing the middle mouse button and move the mouse on the EFIS panel will quickly pan the FSX view to a new location (f.e. quick left and right). 

Thank you, registered users, for supporting our project. And - we received a lot of positive feedback recently - thanks a lot !


Google earth 3D live camera now available via FSXPilot !

September 14th 2016: You requested, we implemented it. Now you can continuously check your exact GPS position inflight by calling a live camera view in Google Earth. Please follow these steps:

  • Automatically update to Shareware version 2.58 or PRO 1.18
  • Install google earth
  • Start FSX, load a plane, start FSXPilot, takeoff
  • Select "Write pos. every 4 sec" from FSXPilot AP panel "Google earth" menu
  • Activate the KML file  "flyto_position_every_4s.kml" in FSXPilot's main directory or from your desktop. 
  • End of session: Always discard the google earth view. 

After a few seconds, Google Earth will magically zoom to the position of your plane and follow the plane throughout the entire session. A beautiful 3D experience  .... and extremely helpful in areas you do not know,  bad weather or at night. 

Btw: free for all. Enjoy !


Fly the Harrier with FSXPilot !


June 26th 2016: Can you fly a Harrier with FSXPilot ? We recently thought - no ! But, to our surprise, the UKMIL harriers hover well with FSXPilot in helicopter mode. There are some tricks needed, so we made a support video.

Enjoy hovering the Harrier. 


Landing precision on STATS page

June 18th 2016: We have modified the STATS pages. Landing offsets in meters are now precise and landing LAT/LON is given. Have fun training your landing skills.


EFIS click targets reconditioned!

May 27th 2016: Old feature, newly designed: Expect more and ultimately precise click targets on the EFIS in the next update 1.13. How many ? Shareware: five. PRO: unlimited !

Watch preview and howto here:  click


New self refreshing page for mobile phones

May 13th 2016: We do now have the self refreshing page for mobile phones or tablets. And the stats pages received links to OpenStreetMap and SkyVector. Now nothings speaks against going for a long walk with your dog and keeping an eye on your current flight.


Check your flights online !

May 11th 2016: The FSXPilot statistics page is now available in the first beta version. Check your flight progress online, compare your sessions, takeoffs and landings and compete with the community for the best. 
Stay tuned for more to come !


New program update and good news  !


May 10th 2016: We have published a free update for Shareware and PRO version. Automatic spoilers on runway during touchdown and a new spoiler and reverse thrust ARM button for your manual landings are included. Helicopter autolandings can now be shortened by operating the "TR+" button. 

And - we are preparing enhanced telemetry which, in the end,  will enable

  • logging your aircraft over the internet - from anywhere
  • landing and takeoff analysis
  • certified missions

For that please excuse that we might need to push several updates within the next weeks or so.   

Coming up next: Gliders !


April 7th 2016: Update 1.08 for FSXPilot PRO published !


That is what is coming up:  

Expect some video previews the next days. 

  • Memory usage is logged in session_dbg.txt
  • Model ID now fully displayed on aircraft option panel
  • AP command input box now always resized to AP panel borders during program startup  
  • 'Nosekick' down after take-off (some fixed wings) removed
  • FSX sailplane (gliders, hang gliders, paragliders) can now operated with FSXPilot
  • Circle right/left implemented
  • Circle flat/steep implemented
  • Glider (or aircraft with engine not running) speed control implemented: Pressing SPD adjusts desired speed by pitch alteration
  • PRO: 'Circle target' implented: Circles a glider or light aircraft in the area of a given NAV target
  • PRO: 'Circle thermal' implemented: Fly a glider into a thermal and FSXPilot tries to center the area with the highest climb
  • PRO: 'Commute between GPS waypoints' implemented: New ability to automatically commute between 2 or more GPS waypoints forever (ridge soaring) 
  • PRO: CTRL + HDG button now immediately sets the current heading
  • PRO: SHIFT + HDG button now sets current heading + 180 degrees (inverse course) 
  • Glider now does not crash the FSXPilot app (fuel zero capacity bug) 
  • FSXPilot notify icon now gets reliably removed when program exits


Long-awaited new version 1.3 of Android App is out ! 

Together with two automatic updates for both shareware (2.45)  and PRO version (1.07), our FSXPilot Android App version 1.3 has been published on Google Play store.

In short, this version features the ability to simulate (mock , spoof)  the GPS of your Android phone or tablet with the GPS coordinates of your FSX or P3D aircraft. This way, you will be able to use Google Maps or Google Earth on your phone to display the current location of your aircraft and use any of their location based services. In addition, this opens the world of Android moving maps, aviation apps, track recorders and flight chart apps for you.  Use any of those as if you were sitting in a real plane with real GPS coordinates.  The image below shows XCSoar (example of great freeware) on Android connected to FSX SE via FSXPilot (desktop) and our FSXPilot app. 

Apart from that, several enhancements have been implemented. The possibilities are endless. The 1.3 update is free and does not require PRO. Enjoy ! 

New versions for PRO and shareware ... 

Automatic updates for both shareware (2.42)  and PRO version (1.04) have just been published. We removed a bug in SID procedures (double blue lines) and restored the missing Server IP display during startup. PRO users are now able to define specific Maxbank and Maxpitch values for each entry in the aircraft database. All users get a nice little feature: The currently locked target is displayed on the EFIS in lightblue together with distance, ETE and ETA. 

Enjoy ! 



New versions for PRO and shareware ... 

Automatic updates for both shareware (2.41)  and PRO version (1.03) have been just published. Baro pressures are now shown in inHg or in hPa depending on a new check mark in 'General options'. We have three new short demo flight plans and better speed and flap management during ILS and GPS auto landings. In short, you are now able to 'overrule' FSXPilot during the approach: If you set speed lower or flaps higher than in FSXPilot standard settings, FSXPilot will not set back flaps or speed.  Great solution to gradually bleed off speed during approaches with difficult planes. 

We have a new support article: How to use the exec command (PRO) and how to control every aspect of an ILS approach

In addition, PRO users get a free exclusive menu entry and dialog box for input of GPS coordinates (AP menu -> 'Extras' -> 'Fly/taxi GPS ...')  with instant waypoint saving and follow up navigation: 


Simply enter your LAT and LON coordinates and altitude, press 'Ok', and off you fly to any GEO location around the world. 


FSXPilot PRO has landed ! 

Universal autopilot and FMC with "auto-landing wherever you want" functionalities in FSX, FSX-Steam, and P3D, different skins, a view system with DHM plus a co-pilot voice recognition experience, a basic flying school for fixed wing and helos, and much more for the price of a standard flight planner ? Finally there !

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the FSXPilot PRO version. Enjoy the new view system, create skins and comfortably manage your aircraft database. In addition, a Windows Help File to be used from the AP Panel is included. Be the first to receive exclusive functions and keep the fire burning in our development studio. Please visit the purchase page and grab your serial, which will entitle you to use FSXPilot PRO on three different computers.

And we can finally tell the secret of the additional bonus function in PRO: We have a new exclusive flightplan command (exec) that enables to execute Windows Shell Commends directly from a flightplan. So call the web browser, Excel, Word, or a PDF chart (with page and zoom reference) automatically during different flight situations. Go to the support article How to use the exec command (PRO) and how to control every aspect of an ILS approach to see how to do that. 

So please install the shareware version first, then Purchase FSXPilot PRO, receive your serial via email and go flying .....

"FSXPilot - The Manual" is available !

        We are happy to report that our new PDF manual is ready for takeoff . 
All registered website users can download the free manual in our download section. Enjoy !


PRO version countdown starts ....

We are happy to announce that FSXPilot PRO will be ready for registration in a few days. The release date will be March 7th 2016. Until then, please register a free account on our homepage and download and install FSXPilot Shareware 2.4. The PRO version will be generated on your computer from the shareware version. 

In addition, we will have an interesting BONUS function in PRO that has not been rumored to the community yet. Please stay tuned ;-)  

User registration is online  !

The user registration of this website has gone online. Registration is easy and only requires 2 steps. After you have validated your email you can then log in.

The download of the FSXPilot Shareware and PRO version and upcoming benefits (getting documentation) are only possible after registration.  

Version 2.4 is available !

Today we have published FSXPilot V 2.4.

This is a substantial shareware update with numerous improvements (see the full list here:  FSXPilot downloads (for FSX and P3D)). New initial splash screen, FTP update mechanism, 2 new hotkeys and much more. VE button (view effects) and "frequency set" buttons will be available (not disabled) in the PRO version. 


PS: Yesterdays update was initially distributed with a fspilot.ini that contained a PRO seriel key. This key no longer valid and the installer is now updated. If you want to get rid of the initial message please just delete the text after "RegNo=" in fspilot,ini. Thanks. 


Breaking News !

The past weeks have been very productive and we are glad to announce that there will be two brand new versions of FSXPilot out soon.

From now on, FSXPilot will exist in a shareware and a PRO Version. The shareware version will always be available for free.

Both shareware and PRO compile from the same source and development will be linked.

The PRO Version will include: 

  • A direct link between AP panel settings for CRS, IAS, MACH, HDG, V/S and ALT into the FSX cockpit 
  • The ability to fast-tune NAV1, COM1, ADF and XPNDR frequencies from the AP panel 
  • An enhanced FSXPilot aircraft database (incl aircraft option dialog)
  • New skins for FSXPilot
  • Our brand new FSXPilot view system (incl view option dialog) 
  • Free camera placement in the virtual cockpit and cabin (hotkeys) as well as in FSXPilot external view (spectacular wheel and wingtip views)  
  • Implementation of Dynamic Head Movements (DHM)
  • Complete documentation
  • Priority email support

The shareware version will include numerous enhancements.   

Users will soon be able to register on this website and purchase the PRO version. 


Version 2.3 is available !

FSXPilot, the universal autopilot for FSX, FSX Steam and P3D, is now available in version 2.3. 

Planned primarily to remove a touch and go bug (left deviation on runway after landings) there are plenty of new functions available. The feature list of 2.3 is as follows: 

  • Bug removed: no left deviation after landing during touch and go's (Thanks Tommy for the report) 
  • Helicopter hover: LAT error and LON error (EFIS) now show up in green if abs values are < 2.5 m
  • Helicopter hover : Sets v/s = 0 ft/min when final hover is reached 
  • Helicopter heading to target during "hover at xxx" and "land at xxx" now direct and more precise 
  • Precision of helicopter target vector land routine ("land at xxx") improved again (below 0.5-2 m) by
    (1) Final descent during helicopter target vector land only starts if both LAT and LON offsets are < 2.5 m (green) for more than 10 seconds
    (2) Higher hover altitude
  • User heading is automatically set from last targetbearing when helicopter enters hover mode
  • Pressing SPD button during helicopter hover now correctly exits hover mode 
  • New: A vertical takeoff for helicopters is now available in qselect menu (Thanks me)
  • New: flightplan command "run takeoff vertical"
  • Save GPS waypoint dialog window now top
  • "Hover here" now present in quickselect also without target 
  • "gear down" or "gear up" only performed by Anna if gear is retractable
  • New: Flightplan and live command "set brake power <num>" where <num> is brake power in percent 


BTW: Brake problems with your F18 hornet on ground ? No FSXPilot issue. See the new FAQ entry. 



Version 2.1 


FSXPilot supports standard instrument departures (SID) and standard terminal arrival routes (STAR). In cooperation with Navigraph we were able to provide a more recent AIRAC (1502) including the SID and STAR data. Fly the professional routes from and to your favorite departure and destination airports. Select SID's effectively according to their departure direction and STAR's according to the distance of your aircraft relative to the first STAR waypoint. Include SID's and STAR's in your flightplans. Graphically depict STAR's and SID's on the EFIS.  2.0 further enables to switch to 'next tracking target' by a new EFIS button. Select near user defined GPS targets from the quickselect menu on the fly (thanks Steve for the idea). Save user defined GPS targets from the quickselect menu.

The new version has been heavily tested. This update is a major rewrite, both internally and functionally. Please always install in a new directory, to be able to roll back if necessary. And - please watch the YouTube videos. They are great to learn the necessary functions. watch them now

And now let's go flying.


FSXPilot 2.0  contains an AIRAC (courtesy of Navigraph) that is several cycles behind. If you need to update your AIRAC, get the latest cycle from Navigraph. Make sure you purchase the PSS version. A Howto will be in the support section shortly.  


FSXPilot is the world's leading and most versatile autopilot for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in flight simulation. 


This program was started in Orbiter Space Simulation and later ported to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSXPilot also works great in Prepar3D, even in the brand new version 2. Especially for you P3D users we have recently (1.37) added support for "the beast" Raptor F22 :-)  Currently, we develop for FSX/Prepar3D only, but there are still (old and limited) versions for FS9 available for download. 


FSXPilot is freeware. Be warned: After you've learned FSXPilot, you will be able to fly them all and won't go without it ...


After the install, FSXPilot will open in two separate windows on your desktop screen. The main window is for autopilot control, the EFIS window is for navigation. The best way to use FSXPilot is to start  FSX (windowed mode only) and later start FSXPilot with it's two separate windows. You can position the FSXpilot windows on your screen wherever you want and save this position as your default. If FSX is in windowed mode you might experience a "stop" of the flight simulator when you click another window on your screen. This "stop" can be switched off in FSX options.  FSX full screen and FSXPilot is only possible if you have two monitors attached to your computer. 


FSXPilot version 1.50 is finally available and supports Windows Speech output and speech recognition. 

Please check out the Speech recognition support file for more information.

It is advisable to use a good headset. Please enable speech recognition in your Windows 7, Vista or 8 system and do some basic speech training with the US English WSR version !   






Our brand new android version is out. Please Check the play store.  

FSXPilot for android  unpacks the whole power of the FSXPilot project on your phone device. Input things and waypoint control are done on your phone / tablet, the rest is performed by the extremely powerful FSXP standard software on your flightsim computer. 

With FSXPilot for android, you have a versatile and clever new flighsim controller on your android phone or tablet. Also great stuff for reactivating your old phone. Possibilities of operation are endless. Plan your sightseeing flights with real world landmarks on google map - simply tapping your waypoints onto the screen and follw the plane turning into the new headings. Break all kinds of records by long distance flights controlled over your phone - why not fly around the world ? Try ground taxi on a system with P3D installed and you will be absolutely amazed. Send all kinds of inflight commands to your aircraft - flight level , speed and heading changes, holding commands, GPS- or ILS auto land commands. Even turn your engines off / on via the phone and release the wheel brakes.    

Play time again !


Purchase FSXPilot PRO
for € 29.90 incl. VAT

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